Blogging 101: Introduction

Blogging 101

Who am I and why I’m  here?

I’m just another mom to be. Simple as that 🙂 .

The reason why I want to be part of Blogging 101 is not just a journal of my pregnancy…I want to share these moments with other people like me and maybe in the end there will be at least one post that will be worth it. It’s going to be difficult in between all the changes that I’m experiencing, having full-time job, a husband and so many things to do during the day and I am aware that it is not a simple journal which I admit I’ve been skipping lately for (no particular) reason.

I know that this is very sensitive time of my life, and I will struggle, I will have difficult moments and I hope that writing about what is going on with me during this time will help me and I hope it will help the community.

Happy blogging and good luck to all new bloggers!


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