Looking For My Rainbow


I really thought the pregnancy will be the happiest event of my life. And yet during a minute I feel joy and the next minute I feel emotional. Sometimes I just feel like crying for no reason. I have never been this sensitive and it feels very strange. Most of the time I (try to) control it during the day. And when I go home I take it to my husband. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I get nervous for no reason. Thank God he is the sweetest person on earth and understands everything that I’m going through. He’s been very supportive and that keeps me thinking what would I do without his support.

Day to day I have learned that positive affirmations and positive thinking can help me go through the working day. I have fears and doubts, I feel anxious…

I have no other option than to be very strong, to do my best and be the best version of myself form my baby that is on the way and for my husband.

This post was inspired by Looking For My Rainbow.


4 thoughts on “Looking For My Rainbow”

  1. There really are lots of emotions that go along with being pregnant, and the hormones make them that much more intense. Try not to worry too much about the roller coaster, because I haven’t met a person yet that can fight it completely 😛 And when all is said in done you’ll look back at that time you cried over something silly and laugh.


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