A moment in time

Time-photoI have tried keeping a diary for two or three years. Going on and off again, but I have succeed. Being pregnant is extraordinary experience and I am trying to remember everything that is going on inside me and around me. But having to work all day and being sleepy and tired all the time that I’m not in the office (also when I am in the office) doesn’t help. I had never imagined that is possible to sleep thirteen hours and to feel that you hadn’t had enough. I try to stay awake in the evening but it is beyond me. And most of the time I feel guilty for not following all of my daily schedules. The week goes fast and the weekend even faster. I feel like I’m doing nothing but sleeping.

I am really trying to do everything right, for I have waited for this moment a long time. I couldn’t be happier and I want to experience this moment in time to the fullest.


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