Meditation during pregnancy

Deepak and Oprah Meditation

I’ve been wanting to regularly meditate for some time now. I have tried, for some time succeeded and then meditated off and on again. But lately I just gave it up.

I attended the three week meditation with Oprah and Deepak in late August, but couldn’t follow it until the end. Today I found out that they are starting again this month, I immediately subscribed.

I am very excited to begin and I hope this time I will follow it until the end. It lasts 3 weeks and hopefully I will continue with the routine even after the 21 days. I believe it will help me with my pregnancy and I will be more focused in myself and my baby.

If you are interested in meditation it is a very good start and you can register here.


Happiness – Follow Up

I really feel happy and blessed expecting a baby. Sometimes I feel frightened, but mostly I am aware of the miracle that is growing inside me. I’m reading a lot, I want to know every singe detail that is happening inside me.
I’m really trying to keep my mindset positive. Most of the time it works and good energy has the power of spreading to people around me. My mind works fast and often tries to trick me. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I overcome it very fast. But most of the time I remind myself that I’m protected and I have to be patient and hope everything will go easy and my baby will be the prettiest baby in this world.