Oh my baby!

I have downloaded the app on my mobile to follow the development of my baby. I look at it every day and it helps me visualize and imagine my baby in my womb. I don’t feel my baby yet but I know that he or she is there and I cannot help it but smile.

Will I have a boy or a girl? My husband says as long es the baby is healthy it doesn’t matter. Of course that above all I want my baby to be healthy, but I would very much like to have a baby girl. I think he likes a baby boy but doesn’t want to express his feelings and maybe he is afraid that having preferences will make me feel bad.

We talk about baby names, about what we have to buy, about nursery and everything. It is very nice to spend time just enjoying this time of my life.


Pregnancy Cravings

I love the way I enjoy food and always want to try different kind of foods and thought that with pregnancy that enjoyment will increase. I have always thought that when I will be pregnant I will have the most craziest cravings for food. The truth is I have no idea what I want to eat. It seems that I don’t want to eat anything at all. No appetite and no food to wish for.
My sense of smell has increased and it seems like a curse for me. Even the air I breathe seems to have some kind of smell that is making me sick.
I hope it will pas soon because it feels like it is never going to end.

Pregnancy fashion

Pregnancy fashion asos maternity Pregnancy fashion asos

Pregnancy fashion jessica albaThere has been some time since I have been dreaming of pregnancy wear. I fell in love time and time again in the way some woman dress that bump. Now that I’m pregnant I have no idea what should I wear. Wearing just the regular clothes since there is no sign to show that I have something growing inside me.

In the meantime I enjoy the fashion looking to gorgeous women with the bump.

Meditation during pregnancy

Deepak and Oprah Meditation

I’ve been wanting to regularly meditate for some time now. I have tried, for some time succeeded and then meditated off and on again. But lately I just gave it up.

I attended the three week meditation with Oprah and Deepak in late August, but couldn’t follow it until the end. Today I found out that they are starting again this month, I immediately subscribed.

I am very excited to begin and I hope this time I will follow it until the end. It lasts 3 weeks and hopefully I will continue with the routine even after the 21 days. I believe it will help me with my pregnancy and I will be more focused in myself and my baby.

If you are interested in meditation it is a very good start and you can register here.

Happiness – Follow Up

I really feel happy and blessed expecting a baby. Sometimes I feel frightened, but mostly I am aware of the miracle that is growing inside me. I’m reading a lot, I want to know every singe detail that is happening inside me.
I’m really trying to keep my mindset positive. Most of the time it works and good energy has the power of spreading to people around me. My mind works fast and often tries to trick me. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I overcome it very fast. But most of the time I remind myself that I’m protected and I have to be patient and hope everything will go easy and my baby will be the prettiest baby in this world.

A moment in time

Time-photoI have tried keeping a diary for two or three years. Going on and off again, but I have succeed. Being pregnant is extraordinary experience and I am trying to remember everything that is going on inside me and around me. But having to work all day and being sleepy and tired all the time that I’m not in the office (also when I am in the office) doesn’t help. I had never imagined that is possible to sleep thirteen hours and to feel that you hadn’t had enough. I try to stay awake in the evening but it is beyond me. And most of the time I feel guilty for not following all of my daily schedules. The week goes fast and the weekend even faster. I feel like I’m doing nothing but sleeping.

I am really trying to do everything right, for I have waited for this moment a long time. I couldn’t be happier and I want to experience this moment in time to the fullest.