I couldn’t wish for more…I’m happy as I can be. I feel thankful, grateful and very very happy.


I miss you

Father Daughter

Through this post I want to tell you how I feel…

It’s been a great year and there wasn’t a day that I didn’t think of you. Sometimes I miss you. Sometimes I see you in details of daily life. I imagine I hear your words in my head as an ordinary conversation goes on. I wish you were here and I could tell you that I’m giving you a grandchild soon. I can’t help it but feel somehow guilty that It didn’t happen when you were alive. Oh I know that you loved my baby long before it was planed, and if you were here my baby would have loved you because you were loved from everyone that you knew.

I’m super sensitive these days and I can’t help it. I just miss you and wish you were here with me on this stage of life, when I’m very happy and I want to share it with every person in the world.